Wedding Anniversary #Toluwaseun2018

#Toluwaseun2018 Wedding

How time flies! I can remember the atmosphere that year 2018. I was happy. You may want to ask why. Yeah, I will tell you so grab your popcorn and your favorite drink while I take you down that memorable year. From connecting to the proposal to the d-day.

Tolulope the groom, is my cousin brother and Oluwaseun is my friend. My mum played the cupid in this love story while I partly played the go-between.

Since that connection, their love keeps growing, and then came the surprise proposal.

Tolulope proposed to Oluwaseun during her birthday outing in Shoprite Portharcourt. Yes! Then a simple grand introduction ceremony was fixed. This couple wowed everyone with their outfit. See for yourself.

As you know, one of the purposes of an introduction is to fix a wedding date. The 24th of November is the lucky date. Trust Yoruba celebrations! It was fun all through. They released these breathe taking pre-wedding photos.

Check out the bridal shower pictures!

The traditional and Church wedding ceremony held the same day. First, the former was held as early as 7 AM.

Yoruba Traditonal Ceremony

Then, the Church wedding at 10 AM.

White Wedding
Church/White Wedding

The part everyone always looks to is reception. There’re always varieties of food and drinks plus the couple will entertain their guests with dance and games.

I promised you that this love will entertain you. Today God has increased this family with a cute baby Tiaraoluwa.

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