Types of Bridal Shoes You Can Use

There are different bridal shoes. There is a perfect bridal shoe for you. One that will fit your wedding dress, style, and comfort. Above all, follow this guide before settling for your wedding shoe.

Types of Bridal Shoes

1. Flats

Yes, you can wear flats on your wedding day especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Tall brides can also consider flats. Choose from:

2. High Heels

As long as you are comfortable wearing a high heel shoe, you can settle for it. Just have a backup in case you get tired of moving around in it or you want to dance. Your high heels can be stilettos or an ankle strap design.

3. Low Heels

This is an alternative to high heels. If you aren’t used to high heels then you can opt for low heels. They are different beautiful designs to pick from.

4. Blocked Heels

Blocked heels are considered comfortable. You don’t need to stand on a pencil heel. You have the blocked heel supporting the floor for you. So, walking becomes easy. Blocked heels vary in designs and heights.

5. Wedges

Just as the blocked heel, wedges are also comfortable to wear. There are different styles and heights to pick from.

6. Sneakers

Most brides usually keep sneakers as backup pairs. Fun-loving brides that want to really dance at the reception also use sneakers.

7. Boots

Boots are good for tea-length dresses. They are also good for outdoor weddings. Depending on your choice, you can choose from a variety of designs.

8. Slippers

Bridal slippers always come in handy as a backup. After going around for hours and you feel the need to take off your shoes then, you can replace them with your bridal slippers.

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Which of these bridal shoes is your choice?

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