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A few days ago, @TheClements_ wedding, inspiring love story went viral on social media. This is an inspiring love story. The bride goes by @mayfairclements and the groom @winstonspeaker on Instagram.

Mayfairclements shared how their love journey started on her page.

@TheClements_ Wedding

Marry the one you can be all parts of yourself with.

I remember the exact moment I fell in love with you.

We had just wrapped up our first @tldmmastermind event and we could both feel it in our bones – we’d stumbled on something magic.

After that we talked the whole night, too tired and too connected to filter anything and for the first time I saw you.

Like really saw you.

Not as the speaker.

Not as the motivator.

Not as the guy in the wheelchair

Not even as my friend.

I saw you.

And I almost couldn’t believe just how beautifully God formed your soul.

We we’re still friends at this time (he was deeeeeep in the friend zone *teary laughter emoji*)

But I can’t lie, all I kept thinking was – “wow this man is going to make an incredible dad and husband”

Shortly after Winston finally told me he was feeling me with the killer “I want you on my team forever” line and 9 months later he made it official.

Stay tuned for our collab with @classyzimweddings next for more of our story next week!

Mayfair Clement

Awwnnn….. love is sweet.

@TheClements_ Wedding

As she mentioned in her caption, we stayed tuned with @classyzimweddings. They shared the couple’s love story on their Instagram page:

Despite having our wedding during the pandemic, it actually wasn’t far off of the day we would have wanted had there not been pandemic.

We always wanted an intimate wedding that was centred on God.

We got engaged in July and got married at the end of August (no time waste lol) so we were alredy aware of many of the restrictions we might face and worked around that.

Our wedding was held at De Vere Workfield estate (a beautiful manor house in the UK). We really wanted a regal and classic feel, hence the black bridemaid dresses and black tuxedos for the gents.

It’s true what they say, the day really does go by in a flash, but we had an amazing time and it was so amazing seeing the shared joy on the faces of our loved ones.

Congratulations to this wonderful couple and we wish them the best
@TheClements_ Wedding

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