Temi & Akin’s Love Story #Silversage21

Long before dating apps like Tinder and Badoo amongst the rest came out, Social media platforms have been connecting people. The bond formed by such lovers can’t be underestimated!

For Temi, it first seemed like a random BBM “thing” until she felt the sincerity in both his words and actions.

The saying: “once you find a treasure, you’ll treasure it forever” was the case for Akin. Akin knew Temi was for him the moment he saw her.

Read through their Point of Views (POV)

Temi’s POV:

In 2015, I woke up to a BBM request from a familiar name. My friend’s elder brother, I wondered what he wanted. We finally met in 2016 and he gave me a bracelet asking me to marry him. It was quite funny, it felt like a joke because we stayed in different states and by the way who is thinking about marriage?

In 2017 we met a few times when I traveled to Lagos before I had to go for service. We planned a few visits to see each other and went to a friend’s wedding where he was already introducing me as “fiancé”.

My head was like “Omo, it’s like this boy likes me”. I moved to Lagos after service year and things went on fine. He started introducing me to people as “my wife”, my head was like “this guy dey follow me play ni sha”.

Fast forward, 2020 I got a new job and had to move back home. It was tough during the lockdown as we barely saw each other.

2021, he popped up with a ring and that was the beginning of ever after!

Akin’s POV

In 2015, I saw her Instagram Page and luckily for me it had her BBM pin, I sent a request and she accepted. We talked often but never met until 2016, turns out she was my brother’s friend too.

She looked better than her pictures, before I knew it I was proposing with my favorite bracelet “Just hold this, I would come back”. There was no way she wasn’t the one for me. Stubborn, smart, and energetic.

She came to Lagos a few times and every time we met felt like the first time. “That’s my wife”, “My wife would visit soon” was what I tell my friends. We lived together for a year, getting past our differences, loving each other then she had to move again. The lockdown made it worse.

She was mine and wherever she goes, we go. She is my forever, so what are we still doing? I picked up my ring and started a new beginning.

Temi and Akin’s Wedding Gallery

This love story is romantic. Happy married life to the latest couple!

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