Rose and Sam’s Love Story

Lovers of “love story”! Come with your popcorn and your favorite drink because this is another special love story.

Rose and Sam’s wonderful siblings showed their love by putting together their love story into a lovely website. Now let’s dive into their love story.


I can recall we met through Facebook sometime around August 2017.

I saw the image of a very beautiful lady and I decided to shoot my shot.

Well, it didn’t actually go as planned because I was given the cold reply and not interested vibe for a while.

But as the saying goes, “what’s meant to be will be”. The conversations got better and we became friends.

Rose and Sam’s First Date

The first date happened in March 2018. Yes, they took their time.

After being friends for a significant period of time, we decided to go out on a date, the first of so many more (smile). So, we met at a very nice eatery, we talked at length, it was so cool.

We were still quite reserved and a bit shy towards each other. We talked, laughed, argued, it’s a memory we both highly cherish.

Sam Proposed

I don’t know about you but the part I love the most is PROPOSAL! All the planning and surprise. Let’s talk about this couple’s own. The proposal was on Valentine’s Day. A very special day.

So, I got a call from my baby on Valentine’s Day to meet him at a nice eatery. I assumed it was going to be a normal lovers’ celebration so, I went only to get the biggest surprise of my life.

The whole scene was perfectly arranged and packaged, all thanks to Poshee Events. I was completely blown away and when he knelt to ask the special question. I was in such awe and I said YES to my partner for life.

The Wedding Introduction

Just like our Nigerian culture, after the proposal comes to the introduction ceremony. 29th August 2020, both families will officially know themselves and they will agree on the wedding date. There’s enough to wine and dine.

Rose and Sam’s Wedding Celebration

5th December 2020, families and friends gathered to celebrate the couple’s solemnization. Enjoy these media, especially the videos.

Happy married life Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Onoja.

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