How to choose the perfect wedding veil

How to Choose The Perfect Wedding Veil

How to choose the perfect wedding veil. There are different types of wedding veils to choose from. Using a guide to choose your wedding veil is essential because there are different factors to consider before buying your wedding veil.

Video: How To Wear Your Wedding Veil

How you wear your wedding veil depends on your hairdo. Irrespective of your hairdo, there is always that perfect veil for you when positioned correctly. You can wear the Wedding Veil with different hairstyles.

Video: 12 Types of Wedding Veils To Choose From

There are different types of wedding veils. After picking the perfect wedding dress, you may want to consider getting a nice veil to compliment your #weddingdress. There are different styles and lengths to choose from. Birdcage Wedding Veil Blusher/Angel Wedding Veil Cathedral Wedding Veil Chapel Wedding Veil Elbow-Length Wedding Veil Fingertip Wedding Veil Floor-Length Wedding…

A Brownsugar Tale

A Brownsugar Tale

People meet in different places and form connections. Some connections may be brief, some may fluctuate, and some may last for a lifetime. When love is present, the hearts will always find a way to reconnect. What’s the case of brownsugar? One thing Jay-Jay did not do is to give up on who his heart…

Appropriate Hairstyles for Bridal Dress Neckline

Appropriate Hairstyles for Bridal Dress Neckline

The bridal dress neckline is what you should consider when deciding on the perfect hairstyle. accomplished your goal! You’ve picked the right bridal dress and absolutely can not wait to dress up on one of the most important days of your life. But wait—one there’s more detail. It’s time to focus on your hair. What…

2022 Wedding Dress Compilation

2022 Wedding Dress Compilation

These wedding dresses are compilations from 10 selected designers. You can check them out. Alexandra Grecco Amsale Anne Barge Bhldn Eisen Stein Elie Saab Justin Alexander Marchesa Rita Vinieris Rosa Clara See these styles and choose the perfect wedding dress for you.

Tie the Knot in Style: The trendiest wedding dress styles for 2022

Tie the Knot in Style: The trendiest wedding dress 2022

The trendiest wedding dresses! A wedding dress is the most important part of your special day. It is a known fact and that is why every bride aims to tie the knot in style. Let’s see the trendiest wedding dress styles for 2022. All 2022 brides should look out for these wedding dress styles. In…

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Bridal Fun World is now on YouTube! We are pleased to announce our new YouTube channel. This is based on high demand. From now on you can watch your favorite articles at leisure. You’d love it! You can join by subscribing to the YouTube channel. Like all our videos as you watch, share to those…

Dami and Seun Share Their Romantic Story of Love

You can find love everywhere if only you open your heart to love. In an educational environment where knowledge is to be taught and learned, two hearts can teach themselves to love and to be loved. It was definitely love at first sight for Seun but what about Dami? Let’s have a peek into this…

Temi & Akin's Love Story #Silversage21

Temi & Akin’s Love Story #Silversage21

Long before dating apps like Tinder and Badoo amongst the rest came out, Social media platforms have been connecting people. The bond formed by such lovers can’t be underestimated! For Temi, it first seemed like a random BBM “thing” until she felt the sincerity in both his words and actions. The saying: “once you find…