How to Wear Your Wedding Veil

How to Wear Your Wedding Veil

How you wear your wedding veil depends on your hairdo. Irrespective of your hairdo, there is always that perfect veil for you when positioned correctly.

Positioning Your Wedding Veil

The stylish way brides position the veil these days is behind the ear lines, towards the back of the head.

If you want to wear a blusher veil, consider positioning your veil more forward so it doesn’t settle on your lips.

If you are wearing a headband or tiara, position the veil behind the tiara. Do you wish to use other hair accessories like a side set comb? Position the veil at the center of your head.

Wearing The Wedding Veil With Different HairStyles

1. Low-Mid Updo

How to Wear Your Wedding Veil

You can wear your veil depending on your hairstyle’s volume, your height, and your wedding dress neckline. For your hairstyle, position the veil below the bun or directly at the top of your updo. You can also position it at the crown of your head to extend your silhouette.

If your wedding dress neckline is high or has sleeves, position your veil higher on your head.

2. High Updo

How to Wear Your Wedding Veil

If you are going for this updo, you can either position your veil on top of the updo or below the bun.

Tip: For any of the updos, you can either position the veil right on the updo or below it.

3. Half-up/Half-down

How to Wear Your Wedding Veil

The best place to position your veil when wearing this hairstyle is right at the point above where the hair intersects. Doing this will secure your veil firmly. You can also add your hairpiece at this point.

4. Hair Out/All Down

If you are leaving your hair out or letting it down, position your veil at the crown of your head after teasing that area to secure the veil.

5. Braids

If you are wearing a braid, style it with a few strands behind your head then position your veil just at that area.

6. Bangs

Position your veil right at the beginning of the bangs if you are using a birdcage veil.

Securing Your Wedding Veil

After getting the right position of your veil with your hairstyle, it needs extra security so it doesn’t slip off during the ceremony.

You will need to pin down the veil with bobby pins. To do this, pin down the teeth of the comb in an ‘X’ position so the veil sits firmly.

When to Wear Your Wedding Veil

This depends on the length of the veil. You may want to wait till you get to the venue before wearing a cathedral, chapel, or floor-length veil so don’t wrinkle it. You can wear a shorter veil before leaving for the venue.

When to Take-off Your Wedding Veil

Again, this depends on the length of the veil or if you choose to take it off. You can take it off after the ceremony or after taking pictures. You can also take it off if you are not using it during the reception or swap it for a shorter veil.

To remove the veil, ask the hairstylist to do it if around or ask him/her to teach your maid of honor how to remove it. Whosoever is removing the veil will carefully remove all the bobby pins. Then carefully hold down the hair with one hand, and use the other hand to carefully pull out the comb.

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