Dami and Seun Share Their Romantic Story of Love

You can find love everywhere if only you open your heart to love.

In an educational environment where knowledge is to be taught and learned, two hearts can teach themselves to love and to be loved.

It was definitely love at first sight for Seun but what about Dami?

Let’s have a peek into this couple’s wonderful love story.

How We Met

We met in November 2018 at High Water Mark School, Oba Ile, Akure where he was Admin and I was also a teacher.

My friend used to be the Admin and he helps me with instructional materials but he was transferred to another Department and replaced with Seun (I was mad and always angry at him).

Seun was busy trying to strike a conversation but I wasn’t giving him a face. For that, he does say I was forming a “hard girl” (but that wasn’t the case). He talks too much and I used to hate that.

My friend left the school and I realized I needed someone that would be assisting me with my instructional materials. That was how we got close. We started going out on dates.

For someone who likes to talk, all Seun could say when interviewed was:

“The first time I met her, I knew she didn’t like me but I like her. She makes me feel like a responsible man”.

It’s romantic if you agree with me.

The Proposal

30th April 2021, I wasn’t expecting it cos we were already planning our wedding. Our registry was May 7th. Was he thinking I was going to say no? But then, it took me by surprise.

I realized I had Thursday and Friday free. So, I decided to pay Seun a surprise visit but my sister convinced me to stay back so she could give me a treat (I had to grab the offer cos it’s rare). She took me to make my hair and to fix my nails for me.

A friend called for my attention so I had to go from my sister’s shop. While at my friend’s place, I got a call from my sister to come home.

That was how I met Seun on his kneels proposing with a ring. It was surprising, I wasn’t expecting it, it came as a shock. It was nice.

My proposal was the happiest day of my life cos it really got to me.

More Pictures

Happy married life Dami and Seun.

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