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These are beautiful love stories told by lovely couples. Stories that reassure that love is a beautiful thing.

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A Brownsugar Tale

A Brownsugar Tale

People meet in different places and form connections. Some connections may be brief, some may fluctuate, and some may last for a lifetime. When love is present, the hearts will always find a way to reconnect. What’s the case of…

Rose and Sam’s Love Story

Rose and Sam's

Lovers of “love story”! Come with your popcorn and your favorite drink because this is another special love story. Rose and Sam’s wonderful siblings showed their love by putting together their love story into a lovely website. Now let’s dive…

Finally #WilliamsGotTheOscar

Williams Uchemba Wedding

Yes! #WilliamsGotTheOscar today 21st of November. We were all anticipating this big day so we can scream our “aww…” generously. I have done mine. So feed your eyes and do your awwn… Here is a clip from when the bride…

@TheClements_ Wedding

A few days ago, @TheClements_ wedding, inspiring love story went viral on social media. This is an inspiring love story. The bride goes by @mayfairclements and the groom @winstonspeaker on Instagram. Mayfairclements shared how their love journey started on her…

Identical Twin Wedding Combo


This is a twin wedding. This is a unique love story! A set of identical twin brothers about to get married to a set of Identical twin sisters. This bond will last forever. Shippers! Let’s sail this ship and wish…