Actress Khadijat Ayoade is Engaged

Actress Khadijat Ayoade recently shared the news of her engagement on her Instagram page on the 18th of November, 2020.

Here is what she captioned on this post

What a good time to be alive! I am not much of a PDA person but damn! I Love LOVE! I am a big emotional teddy bear when it comes to relationships *teary laughter emoji*

Hey Babe, I am not promising it’s going to be all easy but I am promising it’s going to be all worth it!

I said YES to my bestfriend *dancing, green love and pink petal emojis*

I can’t keep this one to myself alone!

Thank you @kandishoppnline; I totally love my ring *green love emojis* and yes, I “did not” cry *teary laughteremoji*


Actress Khadijat Ayoade

However, she is yet to reveal her fiance. We will wait till she finally reveals him. Let’s congratulate her on Instagram @khadijahofficial.

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