A Guide to Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

The journey to finding the perfect wedding dress is not easy. Shopping for a wedding dress can be tiring because it is new to you. Also, there are many styles, designs, silhouettes, and fabrics to choose from which can be confusing. This guide will help you in reducing your stress.

Step 1: Preparing for Wedding Dress Shopping

A Guide to Shopping for Your Wedding Dress
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i. Research

If you don’t have a picture or idea of a dress you like then you should start by carrying out research. To research, go online and check different bridal stores/pages, utilize Pinterest and related magazines. At the end of your research, you should have a style or a list of styles to choose from.

ii. Plan your Budget

Do not spend your entire budget to buy a wedding dress. Remember, you will still buy accessories. There is always that perfect dress that matches your budget.

iii. Start Shopping Early

It is advisable to start the process early enough. A few months to your wedding will do.

Step 2: Choosing Where or How to Shop

A Guide to Shopping for Your Wedding Dress
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i. Shopping from Bridal Salon

Going to a traditional bridal salon will give you different options to choose from. Also, you will get to test the wedding dress. Not only that, you will have a bridal stylist assigned to you.

ii. Shopping Pre-owned Wedding Dress

Look for bridal shops that specialize in selling secondhand dresses. They will provide you with tailors that can make alterations to the dress. Pre-owned dresses are cheaper to buy. You can also get to choose from designer wedding dresses.

iii. Online Shopping

If you are busy or you enjoy shopping online, then you can get your wedding dress online. All you need to do is to get a good tailor on standby to make alterations. Also, check the retailer’s return policy before you buy. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with the wrong wedding dress after spending much.

Step 3: Visiting Bridal Salon

A Guide to Shopping for Your Wedding Dress
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i. Make a List

Research and make a list of bridal salons close to you. Start your visit from the least expensive salons. Only go to the expensive ones if you don’t see a dress you like.

ii. Make Inquiries & Fix Appointment

Before you set out, verify with the bridal salons you have on your list. Make phone calls and inquire if they have gowns that fit into your descriptions. If they do, book an appointment.

iii. Reserve a Full Day for Shopping

You should dedicate a full day to shop for your wedding dress. To make the most out of this day, pick a weekday. This is because others set weekends aside for the same purpose. So, weekends will be crowded and you will get little or no attention from a consultant.

iv. Decide on Those to Go with You

Reduce the number of people in your crew. To do this, go with only those who know your fashion taste. Also, go with those who can spot nice designs and those whose suggestions matter to you.

Tip: Go with your heels when trying out wedding dresses to give you the overall look. Also, wear nude underwear so your innerwear doesn’t clash with the wedding dresses.

Step 4: Purchasing the Chosen Wedding Dress

i. Determine Your Wedding Theme

Determine the theme you want to use before you shop for your wedding dress. Once you know your wedding theme, choosing the perfect gown won’t be difficult or confusing again.

ii. Welcome Different Options

Don’t be hell-bent on a particular style or design. You may end up not seeing the ideas you have in mind. You may also get to see different designs you like. The advice is to go with an open mind.

iii. Prepare for Alterations

You may desire to make alterations to your chosen wedding dress to suit your taste.

iv. Choose a Wedding Dress Silhouette

Before you pick a wedding dress silhouette, know your body type and the styles that fit your shape. This will hasten the selection process.

v. Choose a Comfortable Wedding Dress

Make sure you are comfortable in your wedding dress. Once you test the dress, feel free to walk around in the dress. That way you will how comfortable the dress is on you.

Once all these are done and you have chosen the perfect wedding dress, make payment. Check how payments are made then receive your wedding dress.

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  1. I want to make my own dress at the same time I still want the feeling of going to the bridal salon to test out different fits..
    Am I normal?

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