A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Shoe

Wedding shoes are important just as every other bridal accessory. Finding the perfect wedding shoe becomes a major concern for brides. What are those things you should look out for before settling for your wedding shoe?

1. Consider your Wedding Dress

The style and length of your wedding gown should be considered before buying your bridal shoe. For instance, if your dress is a tea-length dress or a short dress, that means you want to show off your beautiful pair of bridal shoes.

On the other hand, you may want to go for a shoe that won’t clash with the long train of your dress. You wouldn’t want to go fo for a high-heel.

2. Consider a Comfortable Wedding Shoe

You are probably going to wear your wedding shoe longer than you expected. This means you will stand in them, walk about in them, and dance with them. You wouldn’t want to end up with blisters or heel pain right?

So, go for a shoe that fits you moderately. Not too tight and not too big. If you are wearing a dress with a long train, your shoes would be covered. So just pick a wedding shoe you are comfortable with.

3. Go for the Style You Love

To do this, go to your closet and check for the dominant style among all your pairs. That’s the style you love so, go for it when selecting your wedding shoe.

4. Consider Your Venue

Different venues for different shoes. You wouldn’t want to wear a pair of heels for a beach wedding. Think of wedges or flats.

A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Shoe

5. Be Bold with Colors

You mustn’t match your wedding dress with by going for a white pair of wedding shoes. Want to incorporate the “something blue” in your outfit or your appearance? You can use a blue bridal shoe.

A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Shoe

Also, you may choose to match your bridal dress with an embellished shoe. You can stick with neutral colors if you don’t want bold colors. Use metallic colors such as silver, gold, or rose gold to match your jewelry. You may also want to consider matching your wedding shoe with a color from your bouquet.

A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Shoe

6. Consider Breaking Your Wedding Shoe In

Test your bridal shoe before and after buying it. Wear it and walk around with it on a clean surface. Stand in it for at least an hour.

7. Make a Budget

Always assign a budget for your bridal shoes so you don’t spend above your budget.

In All You Do, Make Sure You:

– Don’t buy your wedding shoes without testing them

– “Break them in”. Practice with them. Walk around, bend, dance, and jump in them.

– Keep a backup pair. Anything may happen to your heels or your feet or your venue/weather. A backup pair could be sandals or slippers or any flat shoe.

– Try them with your wedding dress during your fitting appointment(s) at the bridal salon.

– Don’t buy a wedding shoe you can’t wear again.

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