A Guide To Choosing A Perfect Wedding Ring

A wedding ring is a symbol of your decision and promises you made with your partner; to be together for life. Since it is a ring you will wear for a very long time, you may want to consider buying the one that will serve that purpose.

To choose/buy a wedding ring, you need to decide on the perfect precious metal, the perfect size, the perfect diamond.

Precious Metals

There are several types of precious metals you can choose from.

1. Platinum

This is now becoming popular. It is the most recommended precious metal you can choose for your wedding ring. This is because it is the strongest (hardest). It does not fade or changes its color, it is rare and expensive. Picking a platinum precious metal will make your wedding ring stand out and it will last for a lifetime.

2. Palladium

Next to platinum precious metal is palladium. You can opt for palladium if your budget does not cover the cost of platinum. Palladium is classified under the white precious metal family. Hence, it does not degrade nor does it needs re-plating.

The Gold Precious Metal Family

They are of three kinds: white, yellow and rose gold respectively.

3. White Gold

It is white gold because it has mixtures of raw/pure gold and other white metals. A white gold ring is usually plated with rhodium, which gives it a nice glow. Using a white gold metal will bring out the beauty of your diamond stone. Note that you will need to re-plate it each time the rhodium wears off.

4. Yellow Gold

This is the most popular kind of precious metal for a typical wedding ring. If you want your yellow gold wedding ring to last, go for either 18ct, 14ct, or 9ct. These carats are thicker and suitable for your daily activities.

5. Rose Gold

This is a unique and beautiful metal you can choose from for your wedding ring. It is romantic especially if you love the color pink.

6. Silver

A silver wedding ring used to be an alternative to a yellow gold wedding ring. Just note that its surface can easily scratch faster than other kinds of metals. You can ask your jeweler to plate your silver ring with rhodium if you wish.

The Hypo-Allergenic Precious Metals

If you’ve always been allergic to precious metals, these types of metals are for you.

7. Titanium

Titanium is a strong metal and it has a unique dark color. It is lighter in weight compared to other metals.

8. Zirconium

If you do not want titanium, an alternative to it is zirconium. It shares similarities with titanium metal.

9. Tungsten

Tungsten can withstand surface scratches and it does not damage easily. It is very strong. In weight, it is heavier compared to other metals.

10. Steel

Do you want a nice metal that can also fit within your budget? Steel is for you. It is strong and will last you for a long time without bearing surface scratches just like tungsten.

Ring Size

After deciding on your choice of metal, you need to know your ring size. How do you determine the perfect ring size? There are two simple methods you can use. It’s either you go to your jeweler and get your finger measurement or you do it yourself at home.

Make use of a standard measuring tape and follow the measurement in this photograph to determine your size.

A Ring Measurement Guide

The Shape of the Ring

The shape of your wedding ring is also important. You should consider a ring shape that will match your engagement ring. It is called a “shaped to fit” wedding ring.

Shaped to fit

Aside from this “shaped to fit”, there are other shapes you can settle for. This shape will determine your comfort. Remember you are going to wear the ring every day, doing different activities for a very long time. The shapes are court shape, flat court shape, D shape, and flat shape.

The Precious Stone

After deciding on the metal you like and after knowing your size, you should pick the gem you want on your ring. Have you ever wondered why they are called precious stones? It is because they are rare and expensive. The bigger the gem, the higher the price.

The popular wedding gemstone is diamond. If you like a simple, yet classic ring, you can opt for a diamond. If you choose to wear yours in a nice color, you can choose from other gemstones; sapphire, ruby, amethyst, yellow diamond, and emerald.

Tip: Any white metal will complement any chosen gem of your choice. Yellow gold will also complement ruby gemstone.

The Diamond/Gemstone Cut

These are the common cuts.

Photo: Google Images

Tip: You can engrave sweet words in your wedding ring or your spouse’s name.

Photo Credit: All ring images are from google images.

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