A Brownsugar Tale

A Brownsugar Tale

People meet in different places and form connections. Some connections may be brief, some may fluctuate, and some may last for a lifetime. When love is present, the hearts will always find a way to reconnect. What’s the case of brownsugar?

One thing Jay-Jay did not do is to give up on who his heart has chosen. What about Ife? Let’s see from Ife’s point of view.

How We Met

A Tale of Brownsugar

We met in 2011 in the school of Nursing. He came for a program. He came with his brother and a friend (Kenny). We had this event going on in the school. So, they came for the event. That’s how we met. We only said as much as ‘hello, hi’, nothing else.

How We Got Talking

How we got talking exactly, I don’t know but I know that the guy was on my tail for quite a while throughout my nursing days. He used to come to school with Kenny and sometimes wrong timing because of my dad when he came to drop me off or drop something for me in school.

The guy made his interest known but then I wasn’t serious, I didn’t know what I wanted and I probably had some internal wars going on with me. That was going on for three years before I left Nigeria for Ukraine. We talked for a while though but I think because of my unseriousness, the guy just locked up. Then we stopped talking.

I forgot to add that during those four years though, I ventured into dating other people. Not active dating. Before I left Nigeria, the last relationship I had was supposed to be a serious one but you know breakfast has to be served and I ate it very well.

Fast forward to when I got back to Nigeria. Keep in mind that we didn’t talk for like four years in between. So, when I got back to Nigeria, I met up with him. His brother sent me his number again. He asked me where I entered from; Abuja or Lagos airport? I told him Abuja and he was like Jay-Jay works in Abuja. I was like seriously? So, I was reluctant but I called. We spoke and decided to meet up the following day.

He came. I was shocked though to see him I had a nice time because he asked what I wanted and I was craving amala and he took me to an amala joint. Keep in mind that I was still in another relationship at that time. We were meeting up as friends, not anything deep. Just like long-time friends.

The Offical Dating

Later on, my relationship ended. Then we got together. We decided to date to see how things would go. Honestly speaking, when I was going to get involved with him, I had nothing serious in mind just, you know, let’s just do it and go. Then we will part ways, nobody will remember anything cos I was going to be in Abuja for a short period.

But then you know sometimes you enter something and you’re caught and then you can’t come out again and then you enjoy it. So, he liked me. I saw it and I liked him. Before leaving for Ukraine, I had liked him so it wasn’t hard to like him back.

Things started from there. He made his intentions known, his plans and everything looked like something that could work, and then we decided to get married. Met families and everything worked out fine. So, here we are.

The Proposal

It was on my birthday. I was confused and looked like a fish on a plate. This made me ask if it was a joke. I was eating the cake he got for me. I wasn’t expecting it because we had our introduction a week before.

A Tale of Brownsugar

He knelt with the ring while I was busy with the cake icing. I wasn’t even putting on a suitable cloth.

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Important P.s

I forgot a crucial part. When I was going to just date him, I had other people on my list. I felt guilty as I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time. I decided to pray. Out of everybody this was the least person I was expecting. He was my answered prayer.

The lesson I learned from that was you can’t choose for God. Whatever will be will be.

We wish Ife and Ayo a.k.a the Brownsugar couple a beautiful new beginning and happiness together forever.

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