9 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Wedding Rings

Even after following the guides to choosing the perfect wedding rings, there are some mistakes to avoid when shopping for wedding rings.

The decision you and your partner make when buying a wedding ring is important. Wedding rings are sacred and at the same time romantic. So, you should think long-term.

Mistakes to Avoid

1. Guessing your ring size(s)

Rather than guessing your ring size and that of your partner, you can go to your jeweler to check.

Printable Ring Sizer by Jewelrycentral.com

If you are ordering online, ask the seller to send you a ring measurement tool like a printable ring sizer. You can also measure it yourself by using a standard measuring tape.

Wrap the measuring tape around your ring finger using the centimeter part. Follow the measurement in this image to determine your size.

The essence of this is to avoid buying an undersized or oversized ring.

2. Sticking with the norm

There is no rule that you must wear the traditional type of wedding ring. You can choose from different metals and precious stones to suit your taste.

3. Buying late

Buy your ring on time to avoid last-minute stress. Who knows if you will need to change a thing or two things on your ring before the d-day. In fact, the ring should be the first thing you pay for.

4. Not considering quality

Buying a quality ring will save you some stress in the future. Stress like visiting your jeweler to replate your ring amongst others. It is not advisable to buy a silver ring because its surface scratches fast.

Buying a white gold ring will make you visit your jeweler for replating with rhodium, each time the rhodium wears off. You may want to consider buying a platinum or palladium ring in place of white gold.

5. Mixing metals

The simple advice to this is to stick with the kind of your engagement metal. If you got gold, you may want to buy a gold ring, if it is platinum, go for a platinum wedding ring.

6. Buying a thin band

The trend now is wearing a thin wedding band with a huge precious stone. Except you plan to constantly change your wedding ring, don’t buy a thin band. It should be thick, either 18ct, 14ct, or 9ct

7. Not discussing budget

To avoid spending over your entire wedding ceremony budget, discuss the ring budget with your partner. There is always a ring that will match your budget.

8. Thinking your ring must match

You may overstress yourself if you insist on matching your wedding band with your partner. If you like rose gold, do you think your partner will love that? However, you may suggest he plates his interior ring with rose gold. The bottom line is that wear your wedding ring in a style you and your partner like.

9. Not deciding ring styles

You need to conclude on your preferable wedding band (metal), precious stone, and the shape before buying. Not deciding on these may end up leaving you confused when presented with several designs.

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