12 Types of Wedding Veils To Choose From

There are different types of wedding veils. After picking the perfect wedding dress, you may want to consider getting a nice veil to compliment your wedding dress. There are different styles and lengths to choose from.

Types of Wedding Veils

1. Birdcage Wedding Veil

This is an old-school style but still in trend. If you want an old-school look, this veil is for you. It is the shortest veil and it ranges from 4-9 inches. It is designed with a net so it covers a side of a bride’s face, leaving the other side opened. Also, it is easy to wear as it is light in weight.

2. Blusher/Angel Wedding Veil

If you want something close to a birdcage veil to give you that old-school vibe, then go for a blusher veil. It is a short veil with a length of 30 inches. A blusher veil is a layer of tulle that the bride tosses over her face. Once flipped over the face, it stops right at the start of the wedding dress. It can also extend beyond that. This covers the bride’s face when walking down the aisle. It is flipped to reveal her face to the groom.

3. Cathedral Wedding Veil

This is the lengthiest of all veils. It ranges from 108-144 inches. It is designed to outstretch the wedding dress train. Want the royalty vibe? Go for a cathedral veil.

4. Chapel Wedding Veil

A chapel veil is a traditional, elegant, and romantic type of veil. If you don’t want the regal look, the chapel veil is an alternative. It ranges between 90-110 in length, as it goes all the way down but doesn’t have a train. Instead of a train, it may have a little drape.

5. Elbow-Length Wedding Veil

Just like its name implies, the veil stops exactly at the elbow. Most brides go for this type of veil because it suits most wedding dress styles. In length, it measures 25 inches.

6. Fingertip Wedding Veil

Yeah, you guessed right! Just like the elbow veil, a fingertip veil ends at the fingertip. It is lengthier than the elbow veil. It ranges from 38-40 inches.

7. Floor-Length Wedding Veil

In length, a floor-length veil measures about 72 inches and it stops right where the length of the wedding dress stops.

8. Juliet Cap Wedding Veil

Want the vintage look? This veil will compliment your look. It is designed with two layers gathered at both sides or one side of the head to form a cap over the bride’s head.

9. Knee-length Wedding Veil

This veil is designed to stop right at the bride’s knee. So, the length depends on the bride’s height.

10. Mantilla Wedding Veil

It is a circular/oval-shaped veil designed to have lovely lace edges. A bride wears this veil flat over the head.

11. Shoulder-length Wedding Veil

A shoulder-length veil is designed to stop right on the bride’s shoulders. In length, it ranges from 20-22 inches. If you don’t want anything to clash with your wedding dress embellishes; this is the perfect veil for you.

12. Waltz/Ballet Wedding Veil

Looking for a moderate veil? Not too long and not too short? This is the perfect veil for you. It is designed to fall around your mid-calf (between your knee and ankle). Also, looking to use your veil during your reception? Probably to dance with it? This is the right choice for you. It ranges from 50-60 inches in length.

Etsy.com came up with this chart that summarizes the types of wedding veils.

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